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NYC people! MJF will be at the NHL store on 47th street and 6th Ave TOMORROW (3 May) at 6:45pm to do a Stanley Cup Q&A with James Lipton.


The Michael J. Fox Foundation Hangout with Michael J. Fox´╗┐

Hey guys, since I’ve literally done nothing for this blog since creating it, I’ve decided to leave. I have everything faith in the wonderful anivad42. I think it’s only fair that all blog ownership and stuff goes to him, congrats!

*Cue cheesy BTTF line*

See you all in the future… or in the past!


Do any of you happen to know the address of MJF’s Manhattan apartment? Or general location? Because I’m in Manhattan at the moment, when I’m usually on the literal other side of the planet, and this might be my only chance to maybe meet the guy. I promise I won’t be a creepy stalker!

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